World Maternal Mental Health Day | 4 May

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To coincide with World Maternal Mental Health Day on 4 May.  This week is also the second UK Maternal Mental Health Matters Week (30 April to 6 May), which is coordinated by the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership UK.

The week has been dedicated to raising awareness of maternal mental health issues and improving the quality of care for all women across the globe experiencing all types of perinatal mental health disorders.

Highlighting the importance of mums, dads and their babies receiving the support they need, at the right time, across the whole UK.

It is recognised big changes – even happy events – can trigger mental ill health. We’re encouraged to reach out to a new or soon-to-be mum or dad in your life and take 10 minutes to find out how they’re feeling. It could make a real difference!

As many as one in five women develop a mental illness during pregnancy or in the first year after birth. Mental health has been identified as a national priority.

One in ten dads find their mental health is affected by becoming a parent.

The MMHA is a UK coalition improving the mental health of women & their children in pregnancy & the 1st postnatal year.

If you’re struggling we offer counselling within a safe and supportive environment from five centres across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.


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