During Stress Awareness Month 2019, we are pleased to bring our mental health expertise and experience to South London with an introductory workshop, which will take you step by step through how to identify anxiety and depression in yourself and in colleagues, family and friends.  Anxiety and depression are the two biggest mental health issues reported to Doctors and the NHS in the UK – not just buzz words associated with celebrities.

ANXIETY | Worrying and caring too much about everything.

DEPRESSION | Finding it hard to care about anything.

1 in 10 GP appointments during 2017 were for depression.  Depression has overtaken obesity on a GP’s list of most common illnesses and the World Health Organisation cites is the number one mental health disability worldwide.

Anxiety is a natural human response when we think that we are under threat.  This is commonly called the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. Despite the prevalence as a significant health problem many people do not recognise or have the confidence to identify the subtle signs of anxiety that can affect us all, or how to offer support.

Presented by the Foundation’s CEO, Robert Cuming, and Clinical Director, Noel Hargrave, who between them have over 20 years clinical expertise in the field and will bring a modern interactive approach to this topic whilst drawing on well established theories.

Applying a combination of neuroscience and real life experience that is relatable, this workshop will help you to better understand and support people who may be affected by anxiety and depression.

The workshop covers:-

  • What the difference between anxiety, depression and trauma looks like in reality
  • Social anxiety and the influence of social media
  • What the symptoms of anxiety and depression are and how to spot the subtle signs and behaviours. For example using critical words like, ‘should’, ‘must’, or ‘ought’.
  • Interactive sessions and discussion
  • An overview of the difference between early and late intervention and how to reduce anxiety
  • Identify the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Practical tips on how to identify the triggers of anxiety and depression and how to seek help.

Who is the workshop suitable for:

  • Those who may recognise symptoms of anxiety or depression within themselves, others, are looking for further information.
  • Anyone with an interest in mental health whether personally or professionally.  If working in private or public health, nursing, caring, counselling, mental health, teaching, mentoring, guidance, customer services, human resources, management, or pastoral areas.
  • Employers who are looking to support staff

Wednesday | 24 April | 10am – 1pm | ORTUS Conferencing & Events, Camberwell, SE5 8SN

Cost: £75.00 (evenbrite booking fees apply)

If you would like to find any more information about the course, please email: sonja.hutchinson@counsellingfoundation.org