Benefits of BACP course accreditation

The Counselling Foundation is itself an organisational member of BACP. We offer a career in counselling with our part time psychodynamic counselling courses.

The BACP accreditation schemes aim to recognise the achievement of high standards of knowledge, experience and development in counselling and psychotherapy.  It helps those seeking therapy make an informed decision when choosing a therapist.

BACP course accreditation is recognised by training providers, employers and students as a mark of a high quality, professional practitioner training course.  Increasingly clients, understand the importance of using a therapist who is professionally trained and qualified, and is a member of a professional body.

Our registered membership represents the minimum level of training and experience that we recommend a client should expect from a therapist.

By choosing a BACP accredited course, you can be sure that:

  • the course content, delivery and assessment meet the highest professional standards
  • the course is mapped to external benchmark standards and curricula
  • the tutor team meets BACP teaching, experience and practice requirements
  • the learning environment and resources are appropriate for high-quality practitioner training
  • the course assessment and moderation are externally assured
  • the course and practice requirements satisfy BACP membership and individual accreditation training requirements
  • the course is subject to ongoing BACP quality assurance

Successful graduates of BACP accredited courses can apply to join the BACP Register directly without having to sit a Certificate of Proficiency.

It is important to note that undertaking an Accredited course will not give an individual, Accreditation as a counsellor. Individuals who complete counselling training have to apply for individual Accreditation and go through an Accreditation process.

Joining a recognised professional body, like BACP can benefit both your training and future career, through access to resources, knowledge and networks. It also gives you professional credibility, showing that you are committed to practising competently, ethically and safely and to continuous professional development.

If you have decided to train as a Counsellor we offer psychodynamic counselling training courses from the Foundation Certificate through to Advanced Certificate.

Foundation Certificate | 1 Year

The course leads to The Counselling Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic skills and theory Counselling Award, which subject to acceptance provides access to The Counselling Foundation Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling.

Diploma | 2 Years

To apply to start the Diploma course you must have either completed the Foundation Certificate criteria or can demonstrate you have the equivalent qualification from another institution. Weekly training sessions consist of one core seminar and one experiential group in Year 1 and one core seminar and one modular seminar in Year 2.

Advanced Diploma | 2 Years

In combination with the Diploma, the Advanced Diploma constitutes a course accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and so fulfils the theory hours (but not clinical hours) element of BACP for individual accreditation.

To find out more about our Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic counselling training courses in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and our online only options come along to our next Open Days.


If you have any questions regarding training, please note that we are only able to answer email queries rather than calls currently. If you wish to apply for a course, please send your application form to . Thank you for your understanding at this time.