Why not take control of your mental health today?

October 21, 2019 11:21 am Published by

We feature in this month’s edition of Issue 7 of the St Albans Business Community’s magazine.

Due to changes in attitudes through positive media coverage, more of us than ever before are discussing and sharing our mental wellbeing.

There are times in our life when we may become overwhelmed by anxiety or worries that can find it difficult to explain or understand. It may be difficult to share these thoughts and feelings with friends, family or colleagues we are close to.

Counselling aims to help you find better ways to understand yourself.  It can help you gain a different perspective to help you manage the way you think or behave to improve emotional resilience.

We would all benefit from investing time to improve our mental health. With the direct link to our physical wellbeing it should be viewed as equally as important.

Seeking counselling support is not just for when you are in crisis. It is an empowering step which can help you gain a deeper insight into understanding the ‘why’ whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, loss or coming to terms with life changing events.

Suicide statistics across the UK continue to rise, we hope to encourage more people to access counselling as early intervention could prevent unnecessary loss.

The Counselling Foundation offer a ‘Direct’ confidential counselling service which is BACP accredited. You will be offered up to 20 sessions where you see the same counsellor each week for 50 minutes.

If you are a local business in St Albans and are interested in offering counselling support to your employees, please contact us on: 01727 868585 foundation@counsellingfoundation.org


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