Who do you talk to about mental health at work?

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Who do you talk to about mental health at work?

We support the ‘mental health in the workplace’ initiative introduced by Heads Together and Mind at the Well-being Conference last week.  The initiative aims to equip employees and managers with tools, training and a good understanding of mental wellbeing in order to create a healthy and supportive working environment.

Heads Together and Mind said that 1 in 6 British workers are effected by mental health issues each year, but reports highlight that there is still a stigma associated with mental health which is a barrier to people getting the help they need in the workplace.

Research has shown that the cost of counselling can be far less than employees taking lengthy sick leave which can have a significant adverse impact on business.

Our organisation is passionate about promoting positive mental health and want to continue to support the needs of local businesses, being a lead provider in counselling and counselling training in the South East.

We have already partnered with organisations to offer an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).  Our program is tailored to understand the individual needs of staff and organisations, and provides employees with six sessions of confidential counselling.

Employees resigning as a result of stress and demotivation can be a loss of valuable skills and experience for your business. This impact affects the quality of work in your surroundings and can create a difficult working environment.

For enquiries, to arrange a staff support consultation, or if you would like more information please contact us:

01727 86 85 85 (ex 113)  |  staffsupport@counsellingfoundation.org


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