Volunteers Week 2020

June 2, 2020 9:47 am Published by

This week the Foundation celebrate and thank the work of its volunteers who all come together to break down the stigma of ill mental health and help people with a range of issues including anxiety, depression and loss.

These include our primary volunteers, our students in counselling training, who accumulate many hours of closely supervised clinical experience to progress through up to five years of accredited psychodynamic counselling training.  We also have our board of trustees, who volunteer their time to provide their wealth of knowledge in law, human resources, counselling and accountancy.

Free emotional support to volunteers

We’re proud to work together with St Albans and District Council to be able to provide free emotional support to volunteers; those who have taken on coronavirus-related volunteering roles to help our communities cope with the many consequences of coronavirus.

We offer them a confidential space with a trained listener, where volunteers can share their experience of helping others as well as practical information to enable them to continue delivering the valuable service.

For more information or to enquire please email helpline@counsellingfoundation.org and someone will contact you to arrange a phone or online call.


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