VE Day 75 Years celebration

May 11, 2020 9:18 am Published by

However you choose to mark the VE Day 75 Years celebrations in lockdown, it’s a time to celebrate and remember that we can come through tough times together and stronger.

It will be a time to reflect and remind us all how we have overcome tough times in the past and how together we are stronger as we experience the unprecedented impact on our lives from the Coroavirus and lockdown as a nation.

Just as we did during times of war.  We’ve all had to respond to change and adapt how we live everyday.  We’ve shown self discipline, strength and resilience.  During this crisis communities have gone out of their way to find new ways to connect and support others, bringing us together.

Online Video and Phone Counselling

We’re working harder than ever to reach more people

During the uncertain times we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with lock down and social distancing measures in place more people than ever before will need mental health support.

We’re here to listen

To ensure our team of experienced counsellors are able to listen even more clients the Foundation are able to provide online counselling as a service to our communities.


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