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We are launching a new one-year part-time course for professionals interested in developing their theoretical understanding of, and skills in working with, adolescents in a wide variety of settings. It is suitable for both those already working with adolescents and those interested in doing so.

It can be difficult for professionals who are working with adolescents and young people to fully understand the stresses, drivers and inhibitors that are behind the behaviour of the young people that they are working with. This can cause the work to be challenging and stressful. The environment in which the professional is working in is also constantly changing and it is difficult to keep up with latest developments.

This diploma aims to empower the professional through an improved understanding, by equipping the professional with the knowledge, tools and skills to become a more confident and informed practitioner. The course is integrative and based on a number of modalities. There will be a strong practical element to the course and professionals will be able to directly relate their learning during the year to their work with young people through a strong experiential element and regular supervision groups.

Amongst many topics, the course will cover child and adolescent development, families, working within systems, child protection, sexual issues, bullying, gang culture, existential issues, relationships, stress, obsessions, addictions, eating disorders and self harming. It will also introduce various creative and cognitive tools and skills to use in handling these issues.

Entry Requirements:

The diploma is designed to be of relevance to all professionals and volunteers working with adolescents and young people, covering the age range 11 to 21. This includes youth workers, social workers, connexions workers, drugs and alcohol workers, sexual health workers, mentors, police workers, school chaplains, counsellors, mental health workers, nurses, teachers and teacher’s assistants.

Course Fee: £2,500 (payments by instalments available)

Course Location: St Albans

Course Starts: tbc

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Email: trainingadmin@hbcf.co.uk