Preventative Health Management is considered by business leaders today as a crucial strategic objective in securing business excellence. We provide corporate counselling training and coaching for businesses to give staff the skills they need in order to be able to listen, empathise and support their co-workers or clients.

It is of great value and importance in any business to have employees with effective counselling skills. At work, a member of your team may be faced with a person who is in need of help because they are experiencing problems and potentially suffering from emotional distress. Alternatively, you may have staff who are hired to work regularly with particular groups of people who are in difficult situations such as nurses, social workers or teachers.

Focusing on the mental and physical health of your staff will not only lead to a happy, healthy workforce but will also improve productivity and performance.

In order to support your business, we have created a corporate training programme which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation and is designed to equip delegates with the fundamental tools they need to help others in the workplace. You can expect your employees to acquire practical soft skills in order to be able to listen, empathise and support their co-workers or clients.

Our counselling courses are delivered by experienced counsellors and can be bespoke for one employee or a group. We will help you with general counselling abilities, creating better managers and developing leaders, as well as being able to address the most common workplace disputes, helping to solve reoccurring problems and avoiding potential ones in the future. These could include conflict or change management and stress awareness.

You may be unsure of exactly what you need but understand the value of caring for the staff within your company or your clients. Please get in touch with The Counselling Foundation Training Centre to speak to one of our advisors where we will listen and identify areas where we can be of assistance to your business.