The Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling is a two year course equivalent to a Post Graduate and is designed for those who wish to develop a professional career in psychodynamic counselling, and as a qualification enables the holder to work independently in private practice.

The Advanced Diploma, (in combination with the preceding Diploma), constitutes a course accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and so fulfils the theory training (but not clinical hours) element of BACP for individual accreditation.

The course aims to develop the skills, competences and theoretical understanding required for independent practice in psychodynamic counselling. The advanced skills and theory gained will enable you to work at deep levels with clients and to further integrate your experiential, theoretical and clinical learning. A great deal of focus is placed on integrating competencies through a coherent understanding of specific clients which can be maintained, developed and amended over a prolonged period of time. Furthermore, an understanding of, and an ability to work with, the following psychic mechanisms as they occur within clinical work: projective identification, transference, counter-transference.

From the beginning of the course and concurrently with the seminar-based assessment work, trainees will begin working on client assessments.

In year two of the training programme, trainees have the possibility of including short-term client work towards the accrual of clinical hours.

We run courses in St Albans and Bedford which start in September each year.


Please note that we are closely monitoring the government’s guidance regarding COVID-19 and there is a chance this course may be delivered online starting in September 2021 and throughout 2021-22 academic year as required. We are excited to embrace this platform and will be also using it to launch our Foundation Certificate, Diploma and Introduction to Counselling courses as well as our open days via webinar.

We are closely following the BACP guidance and recommendations on this matter. Please check our website for updates, if you are already training with us you will receive communication from our training team but may find this page useful.

“Training for the Advanced Diploma was arduous, challenging and an enormous commitment above and beyond every day life . Once I accepted that and engaged with it, it became a gateway to another world which has undoubtedly enriched and enhanced my life”. 

– Graduate Student

Please e-mail the Training Office with any enquiries relating to this course