Training to become a counsellor or learning relationship skills can be extremely beneficial and rewarding to you both personally and professionally. It is recognised that these capabilities have become an indispensable and much-valued part of modern day life.  A career in  counselling will enable you to make an impact and change the lives of individuals and communities.

The Training Centre at The Counselling Foundation welcomes all who are interested in taking the next step on this journey; from those who are looking to use counselling skills within their current job to those who would eventually like to retrain or have a career in giving a counselling service to clients in their own practice.


We specialise in providing high quality counselling training in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and Online; from 12 hour  Introduction to Counselling courses through to professional part-time Post-Graduate and Masters level programmes which are endorsed and accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Our wide variety of courses also includes CPD (continued professional development) and Business Training services

Unlike universities and other colleges, we can provide clinical placements where you will train in real counselling centres. Experienced clinicians will work closely with you to ensure you get the best and  training and hands on experience.

The centres offer a flexible approach designed to work around employment and family commitments and provides excellent student support. We treat our trainees as individuals and encourage you to grow in a nurturing and stimulating environment.


To qualify as an experienced practitioner you will need to complete all levels of training. The following list shows the general course progression you will follow on your journey to qualification:

Step 1: Introduction to Counselling

Step 2: Foundation Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling (1 year)

Step 3: Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (2y years)

Step 4: Advanced Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (2 Years)

Please view our range of courses and qualifications or contact us for further information.

If you wish to ask any questions please send them to . Please note that we are only able to answer email queries rather than calls currently. Thank you for your understanding at this time.



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