Time to Talk Day 2021 | Start your mental health conversation

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We are proud to support the Time to Change initiative, Time to Talk Day 2021, celebrated this year on 4 February, a chance to get the national talking about mental health.

We understand all too well the importance of starting small conversations about mental health and the powerful difference they can make. Getting people talking is something we have been encouraging our communities to do for over 40 years now.

The pandemic has turned how we go about our everyday lives upside down and there has never been a more important time for us to reach out, connect with a family member, neighbour or colleague and start that ‘small conversation’.

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to open up and share what might be troubling or worrying us, to those closest to us.  This is when seeking counselling support can be invaluable, to receive an impartial unbiased perspective on a situation.

Online, phone and in person counselling appointments

Since the pandemic, we have been able to open up our counselling services to those further afield via online and phone counselling. This allows us to offer flexible appointment times and ensures we adhere to safety restrictions, keeping both counsellors and clients safe.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. However, our amazing teams, have been able to continue working safely through the pandemic, processing enquiries and allocating counsellors. Our counsellors have been able to continue to speaking to clients, providing a lifeline of support through these uncertain times.

Whether we are struggling with isolation, loss or job uncertainty, the pandemic, will inevitably have had a long lasting impact. We would encourage anyone to reach out and try talking therapy to open up and be able to process what is troubling them.

Subsidised Counselling

As a charity, we believe that everyone should have access to counselling regardless of income. We have a fee structure that is supported by grants to enable us to provide affordable counselling to as many people as possible who apply for our services.  We will discuss with you the duration and cost of counselling that is most appropriate for you and your situation.

If you would like to explore counselling, please contact us to find out how we can help you or click here for more information on our online counselling.

01727 868585

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