Time to Talk Day 2020 | 6 February

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Everyone’s talking about mental health… we’re listening

We’re to marking Time to Talk Day on 6 February, an initiative from Time to Change aiming to influence the way we all think and act about mental health and get positive conversations started.

The Foundation is proud to have made a real contribution towards changing the way people think and act about our mental wellbeing for over 40 years in our community through it’s counselling provision and it’s renowned counselling training centre.

As a mental health charity we continue to work tirelessly across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire offering funded counselling and getting our communities to open up and talk.

Talking to a counsellor offers you a space to share what’s on your mind with someone who doesn’t know you, your past, family and friends. Counselling can help people to:-

  • Learn healthy ways to express themselves
  • Learn new coping skills
  • Confront problems and emotions
  • Feel supported and validated
  • Get a different perspective on your situation

The extensive media campaigns at the forefront of raising mental health awareness and how we address the stigma is a welcome one, but it still falls to charities like the Foundation to provide the life changing and saving counselling services that people need.

Free NHS counselling is limited, resulting in GPs increasingly signposting patients to us.  The Counselling Foundation receive no government funding and to ensure we maintain the subsidised element of our counselling service for those who may be struggling financially and public donations are crucial.

The charity requires £250,000 each year from fundraising and its’ other ventures to support this work.

Our clients share with us things they can do now that they could not have done before counselling.

Donate today and give someone of the gift of talking to a trained counsellor.







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