The Foundation are taking the plunge into the New Year

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This year local counselling charity, The Counselling Foundation is making a splash into the New Year by participating in The Polar Bear Plunge having been accepted as one of the three beneficiaries.

Not only a beneficiary but two colleagues at the Foundation have volunteered to take the icy plunge to raise funds for counselling services. By entering the Polar Bear challenge the Foundation hope to create a splash of awareness of the services they offer and how they help those in the St Albans community.

Focusing on the festive holiday season which is usually a time for celebration and family, the Foundation recognise it can be an intensely emotional time for those grieving the absence of a loved family member or friend.

Breaking down the barriers talking about bereavement and loss, the Foundation can help those who are seeking counselling support following the loss of loved one. Their specialist bereavement support can help those who are struggling to come to terms with grief, whether a recent or past loss.

Robert Cuming, CEO said “The Foundation have seen a huge increase in demand for counselling over the last three years, following awareness through high profile media campaigns.  However, it is increasingly falling to charities like the Foundation to respond to the need and funding is vital to ensure financial help is available to support anyone unable to pay for weekly one to one counselling”.

Colleagues at the Foundation,  Judy Mallinson and Sonja Hutchinson along with her three daughters have put themselves forward for the icy challenge and would welcome support from the local community.  Sponsorship and money raised will help increase the number of those able to access counselling and bereavement support through subsidised sessions.

Bereavement client

“If not for the bereavement counselling, I would have been completely overwhelmed. It cannot take away all my problems, but it just allows me to look at them objectively and cope better.”

Other beneficiaries are the OLLIE Foundation and Earthworks.

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Each week, the Foundation helps 500 people with issues from thoughts of suicide, anxiety and depression, coping with a life-changing events or specialist bereavement support helping those who are struggling to come to terms with grief.

All the costs are covered by sponsors which means all funds raised by the entry fees and food go to the three charities. In 2019 these will be the Foundation, the OLLIE Foundation and Earthworks.

For those wishing to pledge their support please visit:

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The Polar Bear Plunge:

Where: St Albans Sub Aqua Club,  Cottonmill Lane, AL1 1HJ

When: 11am-4pm

Links:] for more details on how it all started.

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