The Counselling Foundation 2019 Graduation

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Mental health charity marks record year of trainee counsellors graduating with former Guardian columnist’s irreverent unpacking of their role in saving his sanity.

Suicide is the most common cause of death for men aged 20-49 in the UK and they are three times more likely to take their own lives than women.

Facing life changing events ‘alone’ and being told to ‘tough it out’ or ‘man up’ are just a few contributing factors as to why many men succeed in taking their own lives.  Women are more likely to talk about their feelings if they are feeling anxious, depressed or experiencing life changing events and will seek counselling support compared to men.

Movember is an initiative to raise awareness to tackle men’s health globally encouraging our dads, partners, brothers, sons and friends to talk about their physical and mental health struggles and to seek help.

Speaking to graduates at The Counselling Foundation’s training event Guardian columnist, Adam Golightly, author of the weekly “Widower of the Parish” column, was able to offer his own insight of talking therapy after finding himself a widowed father of two when in 2015  he lost his beloved wife to cancer in her 40’s.

Adam’s humour in dealing with almost unspeakable pain in his book “Being Adam Golightly”, was recognised by fellow widower Robert Peston, “Adam Golightly captures the searing comedy of grief better than anyone”. Writing helped, Adam told graduates but it was his sessions with one of the Foundation’s graduates that played and stills plays an important part today in helping him continue to navigate loss’ legacy

Adam Golightly “Counselling works, it’s that simple. If I hadn’t being shocked out of my blokey avoidance of the need to safeguard my mental health, I might have ended up in pieces, re-hab, court or the ground.”


Mimie Hollist, Training Manager: “It is encouraging that more men are coming forward to talk about their mental health.  We were honoured to welcome Adam Golightly to our Graduation ceremony, his presence at the event helped graduates to hear first-hand the positive impact of counselling and the benefits of talking to a trained counsellor which helped him to survive his darkest moments.”

Each year The Counselling Foundation celebrate the incredible achievements of trainees as they continue their rewarding journey to become BACP accredited counsellors supporting people through life changing events, anxiety, depression and grief.



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