Thank you to Waitrose Hitchin Green Tokens Scheme

September 3, 2020 2:53 pm Published by

A huge thank you to Waitrose Hitchin Green Tokens Scheme.

Many thanks to our amazing Stevenage centre counsellors Lorraine and Maggie for dodging the rain showers to collect this cheque.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation Waitrose customers have been unable to vote using the green tokens in store, instead each of the three charities chosen for the month of August received an equal share from the donation scheme.

These funds are vital to enable us to top the cost of counselling for those living in the Stevenage area who struggle to meet the minimum weekly counselling fee. We will be able to help even more people receive the benefits of phone and online counselling, especially during a the time when it is needed most.

We seek to make counselling available and affordable by offering a choice of services within a fee structure that enables us to provide a sustainable counselling service to everyone within our community.

We’re working harder than ever to reach more people

During these uncertain and challenging times we find ourselves in due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with lock down and social distancing measures in place more people than ever before will need mental health support.

Our online counselling sessions offer the same support and confidentiality as face to face counselling but allows flexibility, to speak from your home, your car, garden, balcony or wherever you feel safe, all whilst observing social distancing measures.

Online counselling appointments:

Contact our friendly team on the email address below.


Kyra Pennie,Community Matters Champion from Hitchin Waitrose (left), Lorraine McGinlay and Maggie Pryah collecting a cheque from the store.

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