Thank you to our guest Menopause speaker

October 22, 2020 12:36 pm Published by
A big thank you to our guest speaker Dr Wendy Molefi, The Mindful GP for her time at our fundraising event ‘Approaching the Menopause Mindfully’.
It was refreshing to talk more about menopause in an open forum and supportive environment.

The event was a huge success and incredibly informative. A chance for women to come together to learn more about the menopause and make informed decisions about HRT and healthier lifestyle choices for a smoother transition.

Like our work with mental health, we want to eliminate the stigma associated with what has been a not so discussed, but hugely important topic.

We talked about ending the stigma of menopause in the workplace, and how employers have a legal responsibility to support women in this very important phases in lives; especially with  symptoms having a profound affect on women’s confidence.

We recognised a woman’s experience of the menopause is completely unique to the individual and that, whilst some of us may sail through seamlessly, others can suffer distressing and debilitating symptoms that have a significant impact.

All attendees embraced the meditation session halfway through the presentation; a chance for us to slow down together, breathe and bring some calm to our busy lives.

Wendy shared self-help measures including getting plenty of rest, taking regular high impact exercise and doing relaxing activities such as yoga may help to alleviate these symptoms.

We asked questions, shared experiences and tips to access menopause information from podcasts to facebook and “Make Menopause Matter” petition.

Whatever changes we choose to make, it’s never too late and we are never too young to adopt a healthier lifestyle!

Find out more about our guest speaker, Dr Wendy Molefi the Mindful GP, and her Vital Wellness Clinic here.


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