Have you experienced a positive counselling experience or been involved with mental health (whether yourself or someone close) and would like to share your story with us?

Please tell us about something that you have done that you could not have done before counselling.

“My Counsellor has been one of the most important people for me in the last two years. I found it easy to communicate with her and she is always focussed on me. She has always kept the boundaries which enables me to progress within my issues. I appreciate the very healthy therapeutic relationship we have. I feel safe and welcome in her presence. She challenges my thought process and I’m motivated to work out things for myself in between sessions. She repeatedly explains the Foundation’s rules which makes me feel at ease. I’ve received excellent service which I’m grateful for.”

“Be more rational when things go wrong and ask for help and support from others.”

“Go out with friends, without extreme anxiety.”

“I am more positive about the future and I am also more hopeful.”

“Understand more and allowing myself to invest a small amount of effort in me. – Have someone I can talk to about anything which I’ve never had before, a trust.”

“I feel more able to discuss my feelings with friends and family.”