Great News – you can still fundraise in self isolation from the comfort of your own surroundings!

Would you like to fundraise to help our counsellors listen to more people who are struggling with their mental health, especially during the Coronavirus crisis?

We’re working harder than ever supporting our clients struggling with anxiety, depression and loss during this period of lock down and social distancing.

Like many charities, we’ve had fundraising events cancelled, but we still face income shortages.

If you’re up for a challenge and you would like to support the mental wellbeing of others we’d love to hear from you.

The more donations we receive the more people our counsellors will able to help and be there for through subsidised Online Counselling.

Here are some ideas, that will not only raise money, but keep you active, smiling and sane during self-isolation.

Exercise Bike | 24 hour cycle challenge
If you have an exercise bike, you could do a 24-hour cycle or cycle a certain distance for donations. You’ll be getting a physical workout and fundraising at the same time!

Run a marathon in self-isolation
You can run a marathon (42.2km) around your home, garden, or on a treadmill if you have one and let your fitbit track your distance.

Instagram/Facebook live Challenge
How about trying one of these and sharing with your friends for donations shaving your head, cutting yourself a fringe or colouring your hair to a bright new colour.  Or perform, sing dance.

Give Something Up
At this time of year, some of us give something up for lent,

Busk/Karaoke online
If you have a musical talent or are just learning to play a new instrument.  Why not set up a YouTube channel or even just use Facebook and/or Instagram to stream your performance.

Coronavirus Swear jar (or a word of your choice!)
Put £1 into the jar whenever you use the word “coronavirus” and donate the collection at the end of lockdown to the Foundation.

Just Donate!
You could donate whatever you’re not spending money on during restrictions:

– Daily travel expenses
– Coffee purchases
– Petrol, train/bus tickets, parking fees
– Beauty treatments
– The cost of your favourite weekly takeaway

Virtual pub quiz
Use Skype, Zoom, Facetime or Google Hangouts to hold a virtual pub quiz.


With any of these challenges please remember to include a link to our Justgiving page!