The Counselling Foundation thrives on helping our communities. Please read about how we have been doing this to date and how we aim to help  more in the future.

Our work so far…

For our clients who prefer an open-ended counselling service, over 50% of all sessions are delivered for under £20, we believe this to be on average 50% less than private counselling rates in the areas that we serve. Almost 10% of all sessions are £10 or less, which supports those who are unemployed or on low incomes. Our work therefore represents a significant social benefit and provision of service to those in need of affordable and quality counselling.

Clients that are referred to us via their GP receive a contracted counselling programme (which is free to the patient) and are assessed and categorised into a CORE group scaling from 1 (being optimal) to 6 (being severe). Within our Stevenage Centre for 2013-2014, 89% of clients saw an improvement whilst 50% of clients completed counselling in the top two groups, showing an overwhelmingly positive development in patients and consequently their families, co-workers and communities.

In addition, within our Training Centre we offer a £5,000 bursary per annum for our trainees who cannot afford the full course fees in order to support and encourage those who also want to make a difference in peoples’ lives through counselling, but may have limited income.

Our work in the future…

The Counselling Foundation is regularly creating campaigns in order to help as many different people as possible have access to quality counselling. Over time we will create certain target groups to channel our charitable work through, this could be single parents, unemployed 18-25 year olds or even the over 60’s.

Please visit this page shortly to find our what our first exciting campaign will be about. We can’t wait to start helping more people in our communities, and if you would like to be a part of this, please get in touch to find out how you could volunteer with the Foundation.