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St Albans fitness coach inspired to run London Marathon 2018 on behalf of The Counselling Foundation






This year we are fortunate that local fitness and wellbeing coach Barrie Johnston has been inspired to run The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of the Foundation who helped him overcome anxiety and depression five years ago.

Barrie Johnston, who became a personal trainer 10 years ago, discovered the Foundation charity after researching local counselling services. He recognised he was struggling with his own low mood and self-esteem as a result of using his reserves to help others with emotional support. Barry says, “it was at that point that I realised it was my own emotional fitness that I needed support with.”

The benefits of receiving weekly counselling had a profound and long-lasting impact and have now inspired Barrie to run on behalf of our charity who helped him gain a greater understanding of himself.

Reflecting on his counselling, Barrie said: “It was a scheduled time in my week when I would stop, breathe and just sit still to reflect on how I was feeling. Whenever I would leave a session it felt like a weight had been lifted from me and I felt much more balanced in my mood. I have always had a very inner critical voice and powerful feelings of never being good enough, counselling helped me change these and give me true perspective in my life.”

“Having benefitted so much from the services at The Counselling Foundation I want to be able to help those who can’t afford the services to get access to the same help that I received”.

Angela Pask, Marketing Communications Officer said, “we are thrilled that Barrie has chosen to run on behalf of our charity; we hope by sharing his story it will encourage others, especially men to come forward and seek the help of our counselling services”.

Barrie aims to raise £4,000 for The Counselling Foundation which would help cover the costs of weekly counselling sessions for up to four people for a year, making an enormous difference to those who may be struggling with a range of concerns including abuse, depression, life changes, work issues, anxiety and depression.

We asked Barrie to share his experiences of counselling to give an insight into what someone can expect from attending weekly counselling sessions.

Read Barrie’s full Story.

The London Marathon takes place on 22 April 2018.







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