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National Lottery Funding

The Counselling Foundation is very excited to announce that our work has been recognised by National Lottery Funding and we have received a significant grant to support our services.

We’re able to offer a counselling lifeline to even more people in our community thanks to £10,000 of National Lottery Funding.  Our charity believes everyone should have access to counselling and that cost should not be a barrier to seeking talking therapy.

“The funding is an incredible boost and ensures our counsellors will be able to make a huge difference by taking the financial pressure off many people, who think they may not be able to afford counselling and receive a ‘lifeline’ of support.” Emma Branch, CEO

Anxious, stressed, lonely, depressed, bereaved…

The pandemic will have impacted all of our lives, one way or another.  We are all learning to cope and navigate a new way of life.  Sometimes these changes can leave us feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Our charity encourages anyone to reach out to and seek counselling support, whether you are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, lonely, or are coming to terms with life changing events, such as bereavement, separation or loss of job.  Talking to someone outside of friends and family can offer a new impartial perspective on a situation.

Thanks to this amazing funding boost, we’re able to offer a counselling lifeline either at no cost for the client, or at an appropriate fee based on income for those who have been impacted by covid-19.

No one should suffer in silence and we are committed to subsidising as many counselling appointments as possible.  We encourage anyone who thinks that ‘counselling’ may not be for them or that they can’t afford it to reach out to our charity.

Please contact our counselling centres for more information.

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