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Part Funded Counselling
Supporting Communities with Part Funded Counselling

We believe everyone should have access to counselling and that cost should not be a barrier to seeking talking therapy.  We offer a lifeline of support through low cost counselling to help people in our community during these uncertain times.

Anxious, stressed, lonely, depressed, bereaved…
We have all been impacted by covid-19 one way or another.  Whether we are struggling with isolation, loss or job uncertainty, the pandemic will inevitably have had a long lasting impact. We encourage anyone to try talking therapy to be able to discuss and process what is troubling them, regardless if you feel like you are on the verge of a crisis or not. Reaching out when we notice the first signs means we can act early to try and prevent our darkest moments taking over.

No one should suffer in silence and we are committed to subsidising as many counselling appointments as possible.  If you are worried about your financial situation, we have very accessible options for anyone who is receiving benefits or who is on a limited income, thanks to our grant partnerships.

Part funded counselling appointments | Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and online
Thanks to generous donations and grants including National Lottery Funding and Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF), our counsellors have been able to continue to talk to clients during the pandemic remotely and face to face.

We urge anyone who thinks that counselling may not be for them or that they can’t afford it, to reach out to our charity.  Our fee structure enables us to provide affordable counselling to as many people as possible across Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire who apply for our services.

Free counselling for victims of crime in Bedfordshire

We are able to offer free counselling support for anyone who has suffered mental or emotional harm directly caused by a criminal offence, regardless of when the crime occurred and whether or not a crime was reported to the police.

Online, phone and in-person counselling appointments

Online counselling and phone counselling allows us to offer flexible appointment times and ensures we adhere to safety restrictions, keeping both counsellors and clients safe.

Make an appointment

If you would like to explore counselling, contact our friendly administration teams who will discuss with you the duration and cost of counselling that is most appropriate for you and your situation. Find our local office here.

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