St Albans Rotary Talk

April 27, 2018 9:50 am Published by

This week we were honored to present to The Rotary Club of St Albans Verulamium.  We shared the impact of the Foundation’s work in the community and why we need funds to meet the ever increasing demand for counselling.

We work all year to support those who would not otherwise afford counselling.  Need is growing for our services and St Albans client numbers have risen from 55 a week to high 60s.  However, there is a gap between what people can pay and how many we can support through our other services.

Every £10 makes counselling possible for one person, for one session.  It will change lives and save lives.

Our thanks to Bob Newton, Club Chair of the ​Community Service Committee for the invitation and for his introduction, recognising the dedication of the Foundation staff he met and the scale of the work we do following his visit to our St Albans centre earlier this year.

The Rotarians made a captive audience who were impressed with the Foundation’s positive impact on the community.


Judy with Bob Newton (left) and Club President Rajesh Joshi, at their Woollams meeting room in St Albans.


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