Discover the impact Freud has made on Robert Cuming, CEO The Counselling Foundation

May 3, 2016 1:32 pm Published by

Our Freud week culminates in a final piece from our CEO, Robert Cuming, discover the impact Freud has made on him.

“Freud reintroduces the beauty and delicacy of dream language which at the time had been ignored for centuries. Freud was one of the first people to be truly curious about dreams, and offer an explanation for the rich creative language of the dreamer, and as a gateway to their inner most secrets, fears and dreams.

He demonstrated that dreams might express feelings which might not be accessed through everyday cognitive enquiry. Freud’s accessible and rich prose on dreams and imagery, allowed me early to develop an interest and permission to approach psychotherapy with a creativity via dream enquiry.

Freud was a pioneer in bridging both the cognitive and creative processes in the mind to help understand the therapeutic process. Carl Jung was influenced by Freud in this regard, and his later book ‘Man and his symbols’, remains my favourite book in this field.

Personally, Freud took a risk and picked up on the lost tradition of the ancient Eygptians, he said, ‘whatever dreams mean, be interested, be curious and if you do not ignore them, you will discover more of your true self.’  I have always followed this advice.”

Robert Cuming
CEO, The Counselling Foundation
May 2016

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