We are pleased to announce a new service to resolve conflict between parents in partnership with Families First.

Children in families with high levels of parental conflict are shown to have a higher risk of negative outcomes. Hertfordshire County Council has commissioned The Counselling Foundation to provide free counselling to parents who want to improve their relationship (whether they are together or apart).

These new services are currently operating as a pilot during 2017 and at this stage applies only to  residents of  Broxbourne, Stevenage, Watford, Hertsmere and Welwyn Hatfield.

This service is only available to parents who are already being supported by Hertfordshire’s Families First.

Couple Counselling:

  • Couple counselling offers parents the space and structure to work with the issues that are affecting them and their children
  • Counsellors will listen carefully to parents to make sure they clarify the problem areas in their own terms and help them decide what steps they want to take next. Counsellors will always let the work proceed at the client’s pace
  • Counsellors will focus the couple on how to increase stability in family life, improve communication, reducing anxiety in themselves and family members, and conflict resolution
  • Both parents will need to participate, and they will be able to access 6 – 8 sessions.

For further information, please contact your key worker, health professional, local children’s centre or your children’s school.