Our aim is to provide counselling that is affordable and accessible to everyone in the community

As a charity we aim to offer accessible counselling and mental health support to anyone who may need it regardless of their financial circumstances. We have a fee structure that is based on annual household income to cater for all financial circumstances.

Affordable counselling for people claiming benefits or on a low income

For those unable to pay our standard fees, your counselling will be subsidised with the help of funding such as grants and donations. If funding is not available, you will be placed on a waiting list and notified as soon as funding becomes available.

How much will I pay?

As a guide, the tables below depict the weekly counselling fee you will pay based on your annual household income.

Subsidised Counselling Fees 

Annual Household Income Fee per session
Up to £5K £5
Up to £10K £10
Up to £15K £15
Up to £20K £20
Up to £25K £25
Up to £30K £30

Standard Fees

Annual Household Income Fee per session
Up to £35K £35
Up to £40K £40
Up to £45K £45
Up to £50K £50
Up to £75K £55
Above £75K £60

We understand that not everyone’s circumstances can be adequately reflected by their annual income and if you believe you are able to contribute more, have concerns or any questions regarding session costs, please speak to one of our administrators.

Contributions made by clients allow us to continue offering affordable counselling to our communities.

Initial appointment

You will be offered an initial assessment which will take between 60-90 minutes during which time you can explore with the counsellor what support you feel you need and decide whether counselling may be helpful to you.

The assessment session is offered at the same fee as your further counselling.

We’ll match you with the right counsellor

Following your initial appointment, you will then be matched with a counsellor who has appropriate experience to see you at the same time every week. You can work with your counsellor to determine how many sessions are going to be helpful to you.

Please contact your nearest centre to make an enquiry or book an appointment or if you are further afield, please call: 01727 868585 or email foundation@counsellingfoundation.org