Losing someone one is tough, we’re here to listen

Bereavement is something we know will happen to all of us in some form, at some time. Yet, no one can really prepare for it. Death might be universal, but grief is completely unique. Everyone reacts differently and there is no right way to grieve – there is just what you feel.

The grieving process is a natural response to losing someone and there are many challenges to coping with bereavement no matter when the loss occurred. Our charity, The Counselling Foundation welcomes individuals who have experienced the passing of a relative, friend or colleague and would like someone to talk to.

Bereavement counselling  can help you find a way through, be it in the immediate aftermath of a death, or many years later.


Please see our Counselling Costs page for further details. 

How bereavement counselling has helped those who have experienced loss:

“If not for the bereavement counselling, I would have been completely overwhelmed. It cannot take away all my problems but it just allows me to look at them objectively and cope better.”

“At the start, I would cry all the way home in the car, now I can smile and think about good times. I was struggling to see how I could carry on. Now I can at least focus.”

“My counsellor is kind, caring and welcoming, soon putting me at my ease. We’ve talked through numerous issues, some deeply sad and distressing, others we’ve laughter together. She is indeed a breath of fresh air! Her gentle questioning and teasing further information from me gave her an insight into the problems I was indeed facing, all done with quietness, thoughtfulness and care.”