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A free course to help people build their confidence is being offered in Stevenage again after the resounding success of the first of two pilot courses.

The Counselling Foundation, with the generous support of the Stevenage Community Trust, ran the first eight-week course in September to help anyone in the community who felt that a lack of confidence was holding them back.

Foundation course leader Martin Crook received overwhelming feedback from participants, who the praised the course at the final session, commenting “I feel very happy within myself”, “I walk with my shoulders back more often” and “It helped me to understand others.” As well, most of the ten participants reported increased feelings of generalised health and wellbeing far in excess of what could be expected from a group.

The Foundation’s Centre Head at Stevenage, Christine Parsons, welcomed the feedback and said the funding for the pilot courses proved that such a course could “bring out the real you”.  “It was so pleasing so see how much people gained from the course,” Christine said. “We knew the course would be beneficial but were surprised at how much the participants learned and progressed in just eight sessions. The benefits to these people will continue as they use their skills which in turn will further increase their confidence.”

CEO Robert Cuming said: “This course – as with our popular Introduction to Counselling – gives people access to personal development which in turn can have a positive ripple effect for those around them. The Foundation is traditionally associated with one-to-one counselling but we are continually broadening that in response to community need and offer a full range of courses for personal and professional development.”

The second of the two Build Your Confidence courses will be held at the Springfield Community Centre from Tuesday 31 January to 28 March from 7pm-9pm.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Foundation’s Stevenage centre on 01438 357775.

Here is just some of the wonderful feedback we’ve had from attendees from our first course.

“The course has made such a difference as I have felt very confident and happy within myself”.

“I walk with my shoulders back more often. Starting to accept that my best is good enough. I am more in time with communication with my partner which helps me to understand others”.

“I have become more assertive and instead of letting something niggle away at me I have spoken to the person that has upset me and solved the issue. It has also given me techniques on how to cope with stress”.


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