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Movember 2021

“My Name is Billy, a coach at Marchon Gym. Movember is important to me for many reasons.

My first reason is because of what it provides for men out there who struggle to speak and seek guidance on things such as mental health and checking themselves out health wise.

My second reason comes closer to my heart, as unfortunately a few years ago I lost a friend to suicide. I haven’t openly spoken about it too much, but I feel the need to more and more now because of causes like Movember and all they do to help others.

He was a childhood friend and I never saw any signs or knew that he may have needed help, before taking his own life. For that, I feel I need to spread the word or contribute whatever I can to other men that need help.

My advice to other males struggling with their wellbeing or mental health is that some people will never understand what you are going through. However, people are willing to help, guide or even just listen to you if needed. Seeking help is tough, but if you don’t at least try once, you’ll never how, it may benefit you.

A saying I go by for Movember: Check on friends, check yourselves, and inform others.”

If you have found reading this difficult, please speak to a trusted family member or friend or a mental health professional. You can also contact the Samaritans on 116 123.

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