Movember 2020

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The Movember Foundation is a charity tackling men’s health globally all year round.

We support the campaign as we encourage our dads, partners, brothers and friends to talk about their mental health struggles.

Our thanks to Ciaran Bradley for allowing us to share his recent article “Depression in Men | Do you feel like you can speak out when you’re low?” for OTB Sports as he shares his thoughts as to why men are still reluctant to talk about what is worrying them.

“The statistics are grimly interesting: women in Ireland are twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression, while men are three times as likely to take their own life as women as a result of depression. Hopefully it goes without saying that depression knows no gender – suicide rates were up 19% last year, pre-pandemic – but it appears that the voices that call out for help are largely female.

To me, the reason that these are all the more jarring is that discussing these issues is still rare among men, particularly men of a certain age, despite campaigns encouraging people to talk.  I hope that doesn’t come across as a crass cliché; it is to say that as men we need to begin checking in with friends, family and colleagues when we see vulnerable traits that we recognise in ourselves at low tide.”

Ciaran is a Journalist and Assistant Producer with Off The Ball Sports online magazine and is the son of one our long serving counsellors, Maria Bradley who trained within the Foundation.  We thank Maria for her continued support and bringing the article to our attention.  We proudly share this piece which “sets a gentle tone and furthers the ‘men talking’ theme.”

Find out how you can get involved with Movember and encourage men to have open conversations about anxiety and mental health.

Online and phone counselling appointments | Flexible Day/Evening appointments:
You receive all the benefits of counselling but from your own home, a quite space or wherever you feel safe to talk.

If you’re on a low income or struggling financially, and worried about the cost of counselling; please reach out to our charity.  We have a range of funds and grants available so we can help contribute towards the cost of counselling sessions.

We currently have no waiting list and you’ll be matched with a counsellor to suit your needs.

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