Mental health publicity boosts numbers of trainee counsellors

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Thursday 5th February was Time to Talk Day, where thousands of people across the country broke the silence and openly and positively discussed mental health. With the top spot trending position on twitter, the day acts a reminder of the power of conversation and the importance of challenging the stigma quo.

One on four of us will experience some form of mental health issue each year – and so there has never been a bigger need for counsellors than now.

The Counselling Foundation Training Centre celebrated one of its most attended open days in St Albans this weekend for those wanting to start a rewarding career as a counsellor.

The Training Team and current trainees were able to talk to the prospective students about the core courses including Foundation Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma and the career paths in counselling. The information was well received and the atmosphere was very positive.

Geri Russo, Head of Training said “we were so pleased to see such a great turn out, there has always been a lot of interest in our courses but recently there has been a huge increase of people looking to start a career in counselling.

“Our course allows trainees to gain in-depth skills and confidence to work with clients in an open ended way, at the client’s pace. With an increasing complexity of issues people face, clients are coming to the Foundation to receive this valuable longer term support, which is often unavailable elsewhere’.

“One of the reasons for this surge, I believe is the vast amount of coverage mental health is receiving and dedicated events like Time To Talk make the topic much more mainstream and help to break down the stigma traditionally attached to counselling.

“The fact that so many people are recognising this is much welcomed by the industry. The influx of new counsellors will be hugely beneficial to our communities and we look forward to seeing this encouraging change.”

For those looking to find out more information on the courses the Foundation offers The Training Centre will be holding another open day late April. There will also be an event dedicated to the benefits of a career in counselling early May with guest speakers that started off as a trainee with the Foundation and have become counsellors with their own practises or working within one of our centres. Please contact the Foundation to book your place.

You can also visit or contact the Training Office on 01727 868 585 Option 5 for further details.


The Counselling Foundation:
Becci Morgan, Head of Marketing – 01727 868 585 Option 8

The Counselling Foundation is a leading charity providing low cost, quality counselling and counsellor training for the better mental health and educational advancement of our communities.

Founded in 1974, the Foundation has now become one of the largest counselling and training centres outside of London, with five centres and 150 staff and counsellors delivering over 30,000 counselling sessions a year.

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