Mandy’s London 2020 Marathon Blog – Week 2

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I’m running to raise funds to help more people share what’s worrying them with a trained counsellor.  One in four people suffer from a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, bereavement or life changing events.  The Foundation offer subsidised counselling that can help to improve family life, reduce isolation and encourage people back into paid or volunteering work.

Well this week I did:A speed workout.

This was a 1 mile jog plus 6 sets of running nearly as fast as you can for 1/2 a mile and a 1 mile jog to finish. I did this in the woods as I take my dog and can let him off the lead. These would be way easier without him as I have to keep checking on him as I run back and force. This is not a dog friendly session!!

A 5 mile tempo run; this is where you run hard, 7.5 out of 10, for a set distance. I find these hard and not something I look forward to:-

(You always feel fab if you to achieve what you planned to do….which I did this week….yipee!!

My long run, which I did yesterday. Unlike my good, felt easier, quicker 13.2 mile long run last week, this 14.1mile long run was hard…really hard!!. As they always do this has knocked my confidence a bit!! I will probably need to run 2.5 to 3 hours more to finish on the day and that feels daunting on top of what I did today.
It was a beautiful but cold day.
My heart rate was working very hard early on and my hips really hurt from mile 8. If I hadn’t been running London for the ‘Counselling Foundation’ I would have stopped.
I did manage to hit, nearly, the quicker pace asked for in my training plan for the last 3 miles, which was good. The goal is to run faster when you are tired towards the end to help you to train to keep going near the end of the marathon.
Anyway, week 2 done and onto week 3. Less than 100 days to go (scary!).

Thanks for your support and if you would like to sponsor me please click on the link above.

All the best from Mandy xx
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