Mandy’s London 2020 Marathon Blog – Week 1

January 13, 2020 11:12 am Published by

Ok, so last week is officially the start of the 16 week training plans and the countdown to London 2020 is now on!!

I started upping my mileage to 20 miles+ a week a few weeks ago in prep for me starting my 16 week training plan. My goal for last week was to get my first long run of 13 miles done.
I had a sore throat and cold last week. I did some speed work on Wednesday, strength training Wednesday night (I am rubbish at doing this) and then struggled to get out for a 4 mile run on Friday. But I forced myself to go but just aimed to do the 4 miles at any speed rather than do the threshold session in my plan (running so you can’t talk but not flat out). All the advice says running consistently is the key to making the start line. Who am I to argue!!
So what about the long run? This is the staple of any marathon training plan.
Well, yesterday I managed 13.2 miles on my long run, despite the rain, puddles, mud and a dog who gets distracted in the woods (and I have to wait for him to return while calling his name with sausages ready!!l).
My first time to get over half the full distance (sounds simple when you write it down)….which is a big achievement for a plodder like me.
As a treat for my family I cooked a roast beef dinner which was fab!
Here’s to a good weeks training this week.
Happy Monday from Mandy

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