Look out for our Community Matters box in Stevenage Waitrose September!

August 30, 2018 1:14 pm Published by

Waitrose Stevenage Community Matters | Green Token Appeal

At the Foundation we are always looking at new initiatives and opportunities to support and help us fundraise in our communities, to help those on low incomes access our counselling services.

We will be one of the three Waitrose Community Matters charities in the Stevenage branch of Waitrose during Steptember.  The Foundation believe everyone should have access to talking therapy and asks its clients to pay only what they can afford.  However providing the cost of quality counselling is high and we do not receive government funding for this work. 
The funds raised will be used specifically to help those who are not able to pay for the full cost of our professional counselling our Stevenage Centre. 

Every week our centres help people who want to feel better and cope better with issues such as anxiety and depression, bereavement, abuse and feelings of low mood and lack of confidence.

The funds donated by Waitrose will be based on the number of tokens and we would love to be able to support more people who are seeking long-term counselling.

You can decide who gets what.  If you’re shopping in store, look out for our collection box in Stevenage Waitrose and support us by posting your green token in our Community Matters collection box.

We are grateful to all Waitrose shoppers who have chosen our charity previously and recognised the importance of counselling and making

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