Interview with our latest trustee, Francine Godrich

February 25, 2016 2:30 pm Published by

P1000596We are honoured to announce the latest member of our Trustee board is Francine Godrich, a qualified solicitor with over 10 years’ experience.

The Foundation’s newest recruit in the Marketing department, Marketing Co-ordinator Angela Pask, interviewed Francine to find out what attracted her to our charity.

AP: Firstly a huge welcome, we’re delighted you have chosen to join our esteemed board of trustees as the newest addition to the team.

FG: Thank you!


AP: There are thousands of UK charitable organisations, from large big brand charities to small organisations with many varied opportunities for trustees, what attracted you to working with our counselling charity?

FG: I am a big believer in the benefits of counselling so when I heard that The Counselling Foundation needed a new trustee I was excited about the prospect of working to promote something I value and want to see available for anyone who needs it.


AP: As well as making a difference to the local community, please tell us what it is that you like about the work we do?

FG: I work for a healthcare company and believe that more than half of the patients we see wouldn’t need to see a doctor if they could draw on their own robustness to help them cope with stressful periods in their lives. By making low cost counselling available I think The Counselling Foundation is such a valuable resource I want to help promote it.


AP: There are some huge benefits and rewards in being a trustee what qualities will you bring to the role?

FG: Primarily I will bring legal expertise to the table but I hope also to be a fresh mind and someone who can think strategically as well as commercially whilst being mindful that The Counselling Foundation is a charity. I also hope that people will see me as energetic, get my (slightly dry) sense of humour and feel they can talk to me about their ideas.


AP: What do you consider to be one of the biggest challenges we face in the not for profit sector?

FG: Many people talk about budget pressures when asked a question like this but I believe that regulation and the scrutiny that comes with regulation is one of the biggest challenges facing the not for profit sector. However, I also believe it can be an opportunity and I hope that we can help shape some of the regulatory changes that will affect our work.


AP: As a trustee you will be able to play a vital role shaping the future of our organisation where do you think our opportunities lie?

FG: As with all businesses there will be opportunities to be found by increasing efficiency and maximising resources but as a people charity I believe that a wealth of opportunities will come from those around us.


AP: Trustees also often learn new skills during their time on the board, what skills do you think you will enjoy acquiring most?

FG: I will definitely enjoy putting my skills and experience to use and making a lasting difference about a cause I care about. I will personally benefit from learning about the management and strategy side of the charity by taking on the leadership role of a trustee and hope that my colleagues will teach me how to be a great leader like they are.


AP: Thanks Francine and welcome to the Foundation!

For more information on Francine’s background, please visit our Trustee page to read her profile.


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