International Stress Awareness Week | 4 – 8 November

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International Stress Awareness Week takes place from Monday 5th – Friday 9th November and is organised by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA).  The theme this year is Resilience: The Power to Succeed.

Resilience:  The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties

Resilience isn’t something we are born with, there are steps we can all take to look after our wellbeing to help cope with with adversity and unexpected events which can reduce the impact that stress has on our life and help us to treat problems as a learning process.

By changing our mindset we can become stronger mentally to cope with whatever life throws our way.  For some of us resilience comes from experiencing multiple stressful or traumatic events.  However we are all different. What can unbalance someone’s mental wellbeing may not affect others in the same way.
Through developing our emotional resilience we can learn to adapt and face challenging circumstances and life changing events, whilst maintaining a stable mental wellbeing.

There are steps we can take to look after our wellbeing:-

Flexibility: Is an essential part of resilience. By learning how to be more adaptable, we become better equipped to respond when faced with a life crisis.

Support Network: By maintaining and building positive relationships with others, this helps us to feel happier, healthier and fulfilled because we are valued, supported and connected.

Self Care: Nuture yourself, eat well, look after your physical health and be active; walk, run, cycle, yoga etc which can help us to reduce feelings of stress.

Celebrate your successes: Acknowledge the good things that happened in your day don’t dwell on the negative.

Mindfulness: Can help by focusing our attention on the present. By being mindful, we are living in the moment instead of letting life pass us by.

Communication:  Improving communication skills can help you to be more assertive or to resolve conflicts, whether personally or in the workplace.


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