International Men’s Day

November 19, 2019 1:19 pm Published by

It’s International Men’s Day. The theme of the day is the same every year: ‘Making A Difference for Men and Boys’.

The UK International Men’s Day website states that the aim of the day is to focus on ‘how we can make a difference to men and boys, and, how we can give men and boys better life chances’ by addressing issues such as men’s health, the high male suicide rate, male victims of violence.

International Men’s Day in the UK provides the perfect opportunity to:

  • Highlight some serious issues affecting men and boys and their wellbeing
  • Make a difference to men and boys’ lives
  • Celebrate Britain’s men and boys in all their diversity

The rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Around the world, on average we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. Six out of 10 suicides are men. Too many are toughing it out and struggling alone.

Facing life changing events ‘alone’ and being told to ‘tough it out’ or ‘man up’ are just a few contributing factors as to why many men succeed in taking their own lives.  Women are more likely to talk about their feelings if they are feeling anxious, depressed or experiencing life changing events and will seek counselling support compared to men.

We were sincerely grateful to our Graduation guest speaker, Mr Adam Golightly who highlighted the benefit of counselling and talking therapy to our trainee graduates.

Writing helped, Adam told graduates but it was his sessions with one of the Foundation’s trainees that played and stills plays an important part today in helping him continue to navigate loss’ legacy

Adam Golightly “Counselling works, it’s that simple. If I hadn’t being shocked out of my blokey avoidance of the need to safeguard my mental health, I might have ended up in pieces, re-hab, court or the ground.”

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