Free confidence-boosting course launched for Stevenage residents

September 13, 2016 9:44 am Published by

A course to help people build their confidence is being offered free in Stevenage, starting next week.

The Counselling Foundation, with the generous support of the Stevenage Community Trust, has announced the launch of two 8-week courses to help anyone in the community who feels that a lack of confidence is holding them back.

The Foundation’s Centre Head at Stevenage, Christine Parsons, said the funding for the pilot courses was most welcome because it would “support those people who feel boosting their confidence could help with personal development, relationships and career.” A second free course is planned for early next year.

“People can learn how to build self esteem and find out what it is that is holding them back,” Christine said. “Quite often the difference between someone who achieves a lot and someone who holds back is the messages that they are giving themselves. These can stem from recent experiences and relationships or go back to childhood.”

CEO Robert Cuming said : “The course fits in with the work of the Foundation, which is helping people achieve their potential whether it is through affordable counselling, training to be a counsellor or though our campaigns for better awareness of mental health.

“The courses are pilots and part of our ongoing efforts to respond to various needs in the community. For instance, one of our most popular short courses are called Introduction to Counselling which are used by anyone who requires interpersonal skills in their work or caring role.”

The first of the two Build Your Confidence courses starts at the Springfield Community Centre on 12 September at 7pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Foundation’s Stevenage Centre on 01438 357775.





Stevenage Community Trust 

Stevenage Community Trust is an independent charity providing grants to support families, charities, community groups, voluntary organisations and sports clubs in Stevenage and the surrounding villages.

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