Father’s Day – Not always a Celebration

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Father’s Day – Not always a Celebration

This Sunday 17 June some of us will be celebrating Father’s Day.

For some of us the day can be a painful reminder of loss or estrangement of a family member who is no longer around and part of our lives.

When Carolyn Puttnam lost her father, she struggled to find a book that offered help so drew on her own experiences to write ‘Cuddle a Memory, How to Survive Losing a Loved One’, in the hope that it might help others.  The book is a ‘do it yourself’ approach to dealing with grief.

After a life changing year of losing both her dad and grandparents, Caroline decided to embark on a new career and study to become a counsellor at The Counselling Foundation.

The Foundation’s Head of Counselling and Training was delighted to provide a testimonial for the recent book launch.

“The death of a loved one is the most traumatic experience that we face in life.  Carolyn Putnam explores this sensitive and complicated issue with great frankness and insight with particular emphasis on the importance of reaching out for help when we need it most.”

The book is available on Amazon.

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