Families First Launch Event on #WMHD

October 12, 2018 10:45 am Published by

It’s been a busy week for the Foundation, marking World Mental Health Day 2018.

As well as a successful event launching our leading accredited counselling training service in South London on World Mental Health Day we also attended the Families First launch event in Welwyn.

Families First is the brand name for early help in Hertfordshire and brings together organisations who provide early help to support to families under one ‘umbrella’ of consistent practice and clearer processes.  Their aim is to ensure all key partner agencies take a co-ordinated approach and collectively maximise their resources to empower children, young people and families and help them to become more resilient.

The event highlighted the various roles undertaken by the Families First workforce of which we are a part delivering our ‘Parents in Conflict’ free counselling contract.  It was great to engage with many different organisations who all support families across Hertfordshire including:-

  • Families First
  • Herts Young Homeless
  • Intensive Family Support
  • Herts Young Pride
  • KIDS East and West Herts HUBS
  • SEND
  • HAND
  • Hertfordshire Family Centre Service

World Mental Health Day may be over for another year, however along with many other organisations we will continue the conversation and our charitable campaign to provide access to affordable counselling.

A link to our counselling services can be found on the Hertfordshire Directory, under the Health and Wellbeing section.


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