Duke of Cambridge tackles mental health head on

August 6, 2019 2:57 pm Published by

The Foundation welcomed a new season long initiative from the Duke of Cambridge aimed at sparking conversations to end stigma. He tackled mental health head on as he reached out to legions of football fans to encourage them to look after their mental health and not just their physical health at the FA launch on 4th August.

“As we talk about the physical fitness of the players involved, it’s important we take a moment to think about their mental fitness too. “But we shouldn’t confine it to just the teams on the pitch, because we all have mental health. It is just as important for those lining up for Manchester City and Liverpool today, as it is for those watching in the stands and at home.”

The new campaign is a partnership between the FA and William’s mental health project Heads Together.  Mark Bullingham, the FA’s Chief Executive is working with Heads Up to use the popularity of football to address the stigma around mental health especially with men.  He acknowledged that “Suicide is the most likely cause of death for men under the age of 45 and that despite this shocking statistic many are suffering in silence with a reluctance to talk about their issues.”

The Foundation hope that the new campaign will encourage players and fans alike to talk and share how they stay mentally fit and encourage men onto a new career path to study to become a counsellor in September 2019.

For counselling enquiries, please click here and for training opportunities please click here.


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