Donation | Community Matters Waitrose Watford

December 7, 2020 10:49 am Published by

We we would like to thank all the shoppers who supported the Foundation when they shopped in the little Waitrose located on the top floor in John Lewis.

Through voting with green tokens, our charity has received a cheque of £1,000!  Every pound of this donation will be carefully allocated to help top up weekly counselling sessions for those facing financial difficulties and would otherwise not have been able to seek counselling support without this vital funding.

Sadly John Lewis have now closed their doors permanently in Watford. However we appreciate being one of the last local charities to benefit from being able to raise awareness of our subsidised counselling services in this branch.

Our counselling can now be accessed online and by phone.

Receive all the benefits of counselling, talking to someone who is impartial and supportive, but from own home, a quite space or wherever is safe to talk.


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