Domestic Abuse Counselling

October 22, 2020 1:30 pm Published by

Cases of domestic abuse have increased during lockdown with many living with their abuser remaining trapped at home, living in a toxic or unsafe environment.

UK charity Refuge reported a 700% increase in calls on one day alone in April. In June, calls were still up by 80% on last year.

Of the women who reported that the abuse they experienced got worse during the pandemic. The finding was especially true for those women living with their abuser. Of this group, 61.3% (19 out of 31) reported worsening abuse. (Women’s Aid June Survivor Survey)

Domestic abuse is not always physical violence. It also includes, coercive control, gaslighting, emotional and economic abuse.

As the challenge of adapting to new ways of going about our everyday lives during the pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for women experiencing any form of domestic abuse to access their usual face to face support networks from family, friends or work colleagues.

If you or anyone one you know has been affected by abuse please do get in touch. Whether having escaped or are recovering and a survivor from an abusive environment or are still trapped at home feeling, scared, isolated, lonely, worried, the Foundation offer counselling sessions by phone or online with a professional counsellor.  A weekly time and space to talk confidentially, feel supported and be heard by someone who listens and doesn’t judge.

We offer a range of fees and can help anyone in financial need if they are unable to meet the minimum fee.

Please share with anyone who you know would benefit from our low-cost counselling service.


Email us to enquire and book an appointment:

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