Congratulations to our Marathon Fundraiser!

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Congratulations to our Marathon Fundraiser!
Congratulations to our virtual marathon fundraiser, Mandy Macqueen for completing the Virtual London Marathon on Sunday 4 October.
In her own words, Mandy shares her Virtual Marathon experience
That was a tough day for it! Out in the dark at 545am and it was very windy, rained solidly and flooding everywhere on my trail route.
My motivation throughout my marathon was to ensure everyone that wanted to have counselling who couldn’t afford it can now with the amazing work that The Counselling Foundation do, they will be able to receive hours of partly funded sessions. I am so grateful to this charity for the lifeline their service provides.
Elapsed time (including crossing roads, dealing with the dog etc) under 6 hours, 30 mins quicker than my virtual in March 😀.
Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me for The Counselling Foundation, enabling those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access mental health counselling.
Thanks to everyone on the route who gave me a cheer and words of encouragement, all helping me get round yesterday!
Including Judy Mallinson from The Counselling Foundation who drove out to photograph me very early on the morning and 1 mile from the end. So appreciated.
Thanks to Isabelle for taking pictures of me on the Nickey line and cheering me on!
And the boys (hubby, son) who were there for my final 2 loops back to the house, not forgetting Harvey, my dog with me till i had done 16 miles( he probably did over 22!). He did not like that much rain/wind !

Best wishes

You can still pledge your donations to Mandy’s Virgin Money giving fundraising page:-

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