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Press Release | Free Couples Counselling for Hertfordshire parents 

October 15, 2018 1:04 pm Posted by

Hertfordshire County Council has commissioned The Counselling Foundation to provide free counselling for parents whose conflict is affecting their children. Hertfordshire County Council began commissioning relationships support services to address parental conflict in 2016, initially part of a pilot funded by the Department of Work and Pensions.  The result was not just having impact on parents and children – it had the clear potential to...

Families First Launch Event on #WMHD

October 12, 2018 10:45 am Posted by

It’s been a busy week for the Foundation, marking World Mental Health Day 2018. As well as a successful event launching our leading accredited counselling training service in South London on World Mental Health Day we also attended the Families First launch event in Welwyn. Families First is the brand name for early help in Hertfordshire and brings together organisations...

Free Counselling to resolve conflict between parents across Hertfordshire

October 17, 2016 2:09 pm Posted by

The Counselling Foundation are to take part in an innovative service which launches today by the Hertfordshire County Council to provide free couples conflict counselling. Hertfordshire council Families First has commissioned two organisations which include the Foundation and Young Herts Homeless to provide free counselling and mediation to parents who want to improve their relationship whether they are living together...