Carers week 11 – 17 June

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This week is Carers Week 2018.

Supporting others can be mentally and physically exhausting as carers often put their own health and wellbeing last. Stress and depression can affect anyone, but the pressure and expectations of caring can make carers particularly vulnerable.

You are a carer if you provide (unpaid) support and care for someone who has an illness, disability, mental health problem or addiction. People often assume that carers tend to be women but research shows that around four in ten carers are men.

Being someone’s carer probably only describes part of your relationship with them. You may also be a parent, partner, sister, brother, child, friend or other family member. This relationship can be just as (or more) important to you. You may also have other caring roles as well, for example as a parent to other children.

Carers in Bedfordshire are inviting local carers, services and businesses to come together during Carers Week to celebrate the vital contribution made by carers across the county. They are especially reaching out to male carers, holding a Dads group and encouraging male carers to join in with local activities and groups, such as Men in Sheds, to keep them connected within the community.

Take a look at what events are taking place in your area



Talking to other people who are in a similar situation can be a great help when you are feeling stressed. Not everyone finds this easy but it may be a surprise to find that others feel the same way as you.

Counselling offers a safe space for someone to talk about the things that concern them with someone who doesn’t judge, actively listens and provides support.

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