BBC interview the Foundation – dealing with grief during Coronavirus

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BBC interview the Foundation – coping with grief during Coronavirus

The Foundation was asked to appear on BBC Look East (West) news in an interview on Thursday 23 July, to answer questions around grief and bereavement during the pandemic.

This BBC interview is a first for us and we were grateful to our Foundation trained, qualified counsellor, Stephen Johnson, who kindly featured on the programme to represent our charity to answer questions from a clinical perspective.

The report focused on the challenges of those experiencing grief and guilt surrounding losing a loved one during lockdown. The feelings of helplessness, of being unable to visit loved ones in hospital.  Striking a chord with many, those interviewed were grieving for loved ones who have passed away without being able to say final goodbyes.

Stephen said

“For several months people have been in survival mode, and as people come out of survival mode the reality of what has happened around them will hit them… the grieving process is prolonged and complicated and I would encourage people to reach out to talking therapy to process loss. It’s important that people are given the chance to speak to qualified counsellors, via phone, zoom or skype.” 

Stephen also mentioned support for NHS workers, and trauma that they may also need to process.

This was a great opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of bereavement support through counselling that is available and explain that there are organisations that can offer help such as our charity where people can go, to receive subsidised bereavement support.

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