As a practicing counsellor Rachel’s advice to anyone looking to explore a career in counselling would be to; “Run your own race and take it one step at a time.”
What inspires you most about teaching?
Teaching has always been an important part of my role, I started running workshops a year after I qualified. I find it keeps me refreshed and up to date in my knowledge and skills. I am also continuously learning from my students which in turn impacts positively on my practice.
What is most rewarding aspect of your role?
Seeing the growth and development of trainees. From those earlier first steps where they are so anxious in skills practice that they will never ‘get it’ – to learning to sit with that uncertainty and seeing how they grow within their own self-awareness and self-confidence as a trainee. Then to see those same students years later as fully qualified counsellors embarking on their own career – that for me is the most rewarding aspect of my role.