We are pleased to offer counselling remotely via phone and online, depending on your preference and we remain open for face to face counselling in certain centres.

Information for new and current clients and those already in and looking to start counselling training at The Counselling Foundation:  

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has undeniably affected us all. In light of this situation we are responding to the challenges we now face as a provider of counselling and counselling training.

As ever, our counselling clients and trainees will continue to remain at the forefront of every decision we make and we are committed to ensuring our services are of the highest standard you would expect from The Counselling Foundation.


During these uncertain and challenging times more people than ever are seeking mental health support. The Counselling Foundation is proud to continue delivering our services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are pleased to offer counselling remotely via phone and online, depending on your preference and we are open for face to face counselling in certain centres. We have introduced many safety measures in order to comply with government guidelines.

Please contact your nearest centre to make an enquiry:
Bedford | Broxbourne | Luton | St Albans | Stevenage

If you are further afield, please email the Foundation office

For many, telephone and online / video counselling offer increased flexibility and, while it is a different experience to that of face-to-face counselling, the service provided is no less professional or valuable. It also allows us to adhere to social distancing requirements, ensuring the safety of our clients and staff.



Similarly to our counselling service, our training courses and open days will also be delivered online from April 2020.

This will be via Zoom Business which is used by organisations across the world and we have sufficient licences to run multiple training. Our tutors come from many different backgrounds, some with vast experience of using this form of education and so you can expect the delivery to be excellent.

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic is over and it is judged safe to do so, we will re-open our face to face training service as well as continue online options for some of our courses and open days as we anticipate this to prove a popular method of learning.

Current trainees:

Further details will follow ahead of the summer about accessing training and communication with tutors and we will ensure that services continue with minimal disruption as possible. Placements at our centre will continue via telephone or online counselling.

New trainees:

We are excited to embrace this technology and using it to deliver our courses as well as our open days via webinar.

You are very welcome to send over any questions you may have and we will respond as soon as possible. Please note we are unable to return phone calls at this moment and sincerely appreciate your correspondence in the outlined method above. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.


A benefit to come out of the pandemic and the move to an online service is that ourselves and other similar organisations will be able to provide people further afield access to counselling and training that before we were unable to reach due to specific locations and logistical restrictions.

We know that during a time like this there will be an addition of those needing mental health support and also those looking to support others. The Counselling Foundation remains committed to both these endeavours, those already a client, trainee or wanting to become one. We are in this together – we are stronger together.

Please continue to check our website for details and wishing you all well.



CEO, The Counselling Foundation

Updated 6th November 2020.